GSC Teams with NETHOST to bring RPA to the Federal Government

RPA – Robotic Process Automation

GSC Teams with NETHOST Inc., to bring RPA to the Federal Government

Over the last few years the term Business Process Automation has been branded about, with the goal of automating the more mundane or manual processes that are required in running a business. Workers obviously can have negative reactions to the term as it certainly sounds like their jobs could be in jeopardy. However, being able to do more with less does not necessarily mean with less people. Sure, jobs will likely change but is that really a bad thing? For example, in the physical world how many farmers would like to go back to the days of getting up at 4am to join a team of wheat cutters, hacking the crops with scythes and bundling into sheaves, not many right?

Enter the combine harvester. The farming process got quicker, easier and significantly more efficient, helping generate more profits by letting the farmers focus on other areas of their businesses. Today, even the processes supporting combine harvesters have been improved by the introduction of GPS and the Internet of Things (IoT). When the equipment needs refueling, the exact location of the equipment is known and the refueling trucks can predict, schedule and intercept the equipment where and when needed, improving efficiency and productivity of the process. Likewise, maintenance engineers can receive real-time diagnostics from the equipment, being able to predict failures and perform in place maintenance minimizing down time.

Robotic Process Automation, is the emerging and latest generation of Business Process Automation. The theory utilizes Artificial Intelligent (AI) and deploys software “robots” to learn from a user or program, mimic the activities and improve the process over time. These AI processes can learn to provide data via standard Application Programming Interface (API), that can be consumed by users, applications and even other robots.

Growth in Strategy Consultants has recently engaged with Nethost Inc., that is actively assisting the Federal government assess and implement RPA. This is groundbreaking progress, the Federal government has not historically been on the cutting edge but, with the assistance of Nethost Inc., supported by Growth Strategy Consultants, a new era of Federal government is about to be born.